Women in Translation

What is WITMonth?

WITMonth stands for “women in translation month”! It’s a month in which we promote women writers from around the world who write in languages other than English.

When is WITMonth?

WITMonth is held every August!

Where does WITMonth take place?

WITMonth takes place anywhere you want! A lot of the action occurs on Twitter (under the hashtag #WITMonth, or #womenintranslation), but there are no limits. It can take place on your personal blog, your Tumblr, your Facebook, your local library, your Goodreads groups, your book club, your bookstore… anywhere!

Where did WITMonth come from?

WITMonth was founded by Biblio Life in Letters by Meytal Radzinski. It was inspired by a fellow book blogger and started in August 2014.

You can find the rest of the FAQs for WITMonth here.

Women in Translation 2021

List of TCL’s WIT Reviews:

The following are listed in descending order of publication of my reviews (newest to oldest).

A Single Rose” by Muriel Barbery (translated by Alison Anderson). September 2021

Four Minutes” Nataliya Deleva (translated by Izidora Angel). August 2021

And the Bride Closed the Door” Ronit Matalon (Translated by Jessica Cohen). September 2020

Long Live the Post Horn!” by Vigdis Hjorth (Translated by Charlotte Barslund). September 2020

Klotsvog” by Margarita Khemlin (Translated by Lisa C. Hayden). August 2019

Vivian” by Christina Hesselholdt (Translated by Paul Russell Garrett). August 2019

The Little Breton Bistro” by Nina George (Translated by Simon Pare). June 2018

All the Rivers” by Dorit Rabinyan (Translated by Jessica Cohen). December 2017

The White City” by Karolina Ramqvist (Translated by Saskia Vogel). May 2017

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules” by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg (Translated by Rod Bradbury). June 2016

The Fox was Ever the Hunter” by Herta Müller (Translated by Philip Boehm). June 2016

The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George (Translated by Simon Pare). June 2016

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend” by Katrina Bivald (Translated by Alice Menzies). January 2016

Visitation” by Jenny Erpenbeck (Translated by Susan Bernofsky). February 2015

This Should be Written in the Present Tense” by Helle Helle (Translated by Martin Aitken). October 2014

All Russians Love Birch Trees” by Olga Grjasnowa (Translated by Eva Bacon). December 2013

Women in Translation