My Book Reviewing Policy

I know that authors are constantly looking for people to read and review their books. I love getting books to read.

What’s more, I promise that any book I agree to read will get a fair review. Sounds like the perfect fit, no?   

Yes, but…

If you have a book you want me to read and review, please take a good look at my Goodreads profile as well as the books I’ve reviewed here. Basically, I prefer adult, literary, fiction – both contemporary and historical – with an emphasis on women’s fiction and biographical fiction (preferably the two combined). I also like culinary fiction (of which there’s not enough these days). On very rare occasions, I have been known to read speculative fiction (like Atwood), classical mysteries (a la Agathe Christie), and some classical-style crime fiction and Sci-Fi.

If you write YA books that don’t have at least one strong, female protagonist, meaning one that has a life that isn’t all about chasing after some good looking boy or girl (or trying to get some boy or girl to look at them), or if your book is in a genre from the paragraph below, then I’m not your target audience.

Speaking of things I don’t read, women’s fiction does not mean mushy romance, chick-lit or bodice-rippers. I don’t read Christian Fiction, books with animals as the protagonists (and if there’s a cat or a dog on the cover – forget it), novels with gratuitous or graphic sex scenes, and I generally avoid most books with magical realism (or fabulism), or those that are based on alternative histories (for example, a story where the Titanic doesn’t sink, or the Hindenburg doesn’t explode – no way). Most importantly, DO NOT send me requests to read your fantasy, horror, thriller, or erotica novels – EVER!

If you think your your book looks like something I would enjoy reading, you are welcome to send me a brief summary (including genre(s), target age group and target audience). If I am interested, I accept ARCs in all electronic formats (PDF, ePUB) but prefer MOBI (Kindle) format. If you want to send me the physical book, please contact me by email for my address (remember, I live in Israel). 


SORRY, I am not presently accepting new books for review (but you can always try to convince me that your book is worth my making time to read and review).