TCL is joining the New Release Challenge (again) for 2020!

2020 New Release Challenge Sign-up About the 2020 New Release Challenge The 2020 New Release Challenge is a year-long challenge in which the hosts aim to read books released in 2020.  Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms and Brandee are the sole hosts of the challenge, and they are happy to have as many people to sign up … Continue reading TCL is joining the New Release Challenge (again) for 2020!

Is Facebook a New Version of Fahrenheit 451?

October 30, 2019 UPDATE: After six months of suffering, Facebook finally took this website out of their "jail" and now I can use the URL to this blog again (at least, for now)! Thanks to everyone for their support and commiserations. Or maybe, Facebook just hates ME! They keep burning my book blog! On Friday … Continue reading Is Facebook a New Version of Fahrenheit 451?

TCL is Going on Vacation Abroad

See you later, alligators! This is just a quick post to let you all know that I'm going abroad (The Netherlands, with side trips to Scotland and maybe London and/or Belgium) until October 14th. That means no new posts or book reviews until then, except for one already scheduled "#6Degrees" post. While I'm away, I … Continue reading TCL is Going on Vacation Abroad

A Public Service Announcement…

UPDATE: Thank you all for your support during my time of need. Akismet has stopped marking my comments as spam as of late July 11th! Hurrah! (?)   We interrupt our regular programming to bring you the following Public Service Announcement: My Comments on WordPress Blogs are being marked as SPAM! They are NOT! Apparently, … Continue reading A Public Service Announcement…

The Journey Begins Again

In the beginning, I started a blog on Blogger. Now, after over five years on Blogger, and after having my URL from that site marked as "spam" by Facebook and against their "Community Standards," I've decided it is time to put out the cash and start my own website for my blog. So... Here goes … Continue reading The Journey Begins Again

Available NOW Book 3 of Jacey Bedford’s Rowankind!

I recently got the following email from my friend, author Jacey Bedford, which I had to share with my readers: Book Three of Jacey Bedford's Rowankind Trilogy Will be Here Soon! Penguin Random House just sent me a very nice email to ask me if I wanted to pre-order my own book! Though ROWANKIND isn't … Continue reading Available NOW Book 3 of Jacey Bedford’s Rowankind!

Guest Author Post: Jacey Bedford and her Psi-Tech Universe Trilogy

Many years ago, I met Jacey Bedford through the "usenet" group misc.writing - back in late 20th century, when we were young (read more about that here), and Jacey was only an aspiring author! But look at her today - she's published five books!  Although I don't read the genre she writes in, I am … Continue reading Guest Author Post: Jacey Bedford and her Psi-Tech Universe Trilogy


READERS, RECOMMEND YOUR BOOKSTORE!     Sourcebooks Launches Reader Voting Campaign to Grant Money to Community Bookstores NAPERVILLE IL (January 8, 2016) — Independent publisher Sourcebooks announces the “Readers, Recommend Your Bookstore” campaign, which will give grant money to three nominated bookstores. The “Readers, Recommend Your Bookstore Campaign” is inspired by the phenomenal support booksellers … Continue reading READERS, RECOMMEND YOUR BOOKSTORE!

In the beginning

There comes a time in every online content writer's life when they find they need to start their own blog. This is something that I've avoided for some time now. I mean, seriously, what have I got to put on a blog that would interest anyone besides myself? And if I'm the only one reading … Continue reading In the beginning