TCL’s Literary Musings: Women’s Fiction.

What is Women's Fiction? Is it really a genre? How does it differ from chick-lit? After the “Top Ten Tuesday” of June 11, where we talked about our “unpopular bookish opinions” I began a discussion with another blogger – Christine who has the blog Life with All the Books – about women’s fiction. In her … Continue reading TCL’s Literary Musings: Women’s Fiction.

TCL joins the 2019 It’s So Classic Blog Party

It's So Classic. I discovered this tag through fellow blogger Livia's post on her blog here. Since I thought I wouldn't have a book review ready for this week, I figured I'd join in! The rules are very simple, which I took from the host's blog: Link your post to Rebellious Writing ( Answer the … Continue reading TCL joins the 2019 It’s So Classic Blog Party