TCL joins the #20booksofsummer23 Reading Challenge!

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About the 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge

The 20 Books of Summer is an annual reading challenge which is the brainchild of Cathy @ 746 Books! Once again she says “I am kicking off on Tuesday 1 June and finishing on Wednesday 1 September.”

The rules for the 20 Books of Summer are simple:

  • Decide which books you want to read between June 1 and September 1.
  • Post about your joining and which books you want to read on your blog, and tag Cathy @ 746 Books.
  • When you post a review of one of those books between June 1 and September 1, use the #20booksofsummer23 hashtag on Twitter (and all your other social media).

There are three levels in the 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge:

Note that Cathy says:

It’s pretty common knowledge that I am the slackest challenge host and will bend the rules to help anyone reach their goal.

Want to swap a book? Go for it.

Fancy changing your list half way through? No problem.

Deciding to drop your goal from 20 to 15 (or even 10)? I am fine with that.

Yeah, that’s it actually – choose how many books you want to read, and then… READ THEM!

Here are the list of my books for the challenge, and once again, I’m only going to go with 10 (remember… slow reader… mildly dyslexic)! The first eight books I’m certain to read, because I have the ARCs already on my Kindle. The 9th one I’ve already started to read, but because right now I’m abroad on vacation, and I only bring my Kindle, I probably won’t finish it until after June 1. The last one is a book I bought last year, and I promised I’d save it for Women in Translation month in August (because last year, I didn’t read any translated books that month – bad girl)! After that, all is speculation. The books on my list are:

  1. The Spectacular by Fiona Davis
  2. Mr. Kato Plays Family by Milena Michiko Flašar (T – Caroline Froh)
  3. Days at the Morisaki Bookshop by Satoshi Yagisawa Yagisawa (T – Eric Ozawa)
  4. Sinners of Starlight City by Anika Scott
  5. A Bakery in Paris by Aimie Runyan
  6. I Hear You’re Rich by Diane Williams
  7. The Orchid Hour by Nancy Bilyeau
  8. The Last Letter from London by Pam Lecky
  9. One True Loves (finish reading) by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  10. The Inseparables by Simone de Beauvoir (for Women in Translation in August)

Also, if there’s another Classics Club Spin, that book will be added to this list. Plus, this list doesn’t include any of the nine (yes, NINE) ARCs for which I’m still hoping to get approval, nor any other of the print books I hoarded before Book Depository closed down!

Yes, I am abroad (Prague, if you must know) on vacation right now. Be back soon, I promise!

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14 thoughts on “TCL joins the #20booksofsummer23 Reading Challenge!

  1. Happy to see you’re participating in this challenge too! I’ve only read One True Loves from your list, but I hope you enjoy all of these. Happy reading!

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  2. All new to me titles and authors here except Taylor Jenkins Reid whose other book I’ve read. Morisaki bookshop sounds quite interesting. Good luck with your challenge and hope you enjoy all these🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t read any of the books on your summer list, but look forward to hearing what you think of them.

    I visited Prague a few years back, just before Covid showed up on the scene. It’s a wonderful city and I hope you’re having a fantastic time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Most of the books in your list sounds lovely. Being a bookworm and Francophile myself, I’m intrigued especially with A Bakery in Paris and Days at the Morisaki Bookshop. Can’t wait to read your reviews on them. Happy reading!
    I’ve opted for 10 books too; just want to enjoy every moment of them, rather than challenged for more! 🙂

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