TCL’s Spell the Month in Books #5!

Reviews From the Stacks

Last month discovered Jana and her blog Reviews from the Stacks. Jana created this fun, monthly book meme. Now, it is true that Jana runs a link party for this which is supposed to take place on the second Saturday of every month, but I’m a week late with this one – SORRY!

This month, I not only have enough 5/5 star books, but I was also able to find books that don’t have “the” or “a” in front of the first letter of the title!



is for “All the Rivers” by Dorit Rabinyan (5/5):

All the Rivers UK


is for “Perfect” by Rachel Joyce (5/5):



is for “Rodin’s Lover” by Heather Webb (5/5):



is for “It’s. Nice. Outside” by Jim Kokoris (5/5):



is for “Letters from Skye” by Jessica Brockmole (5/5):


And… there you have it! My 5/5 star spelling of the month of April in books!

Simple, right? You’ll find links to my reviews in the titles of each book.


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6 thoughts on “TCL’s Spell the Month in Books #5!

  1. Well done, Davida. I’m not always that lucky to find books that don’t begin with “the” or “a”, it’s hard. I’ve only heard of (and read) Rachel Joyce, so the others were all new to me. Thanks for that.
    And here is my list.

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