TCL’s Tell Me Something Tuesday #TMST #3 & #LetsDiscuss2022 #16 – November 1, 2022 – School Days.

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TMST is a weekly meme with optional participation hosted by Jen Twimom @ That’s What I’m Talking About. There isn’t a check in and she doesn’t have a linky (although you’ll find one at the bottom of this post for #LetsDiscuss2022, that also has a giveaway raffle). She does encourage you to leave a link to your post on her blog if you participate, just so she and others can find you!

Jen sends out an email with the upcoming prompts roughly every two months. To get them, just go to her blog and sign up to get her newsletters. Then, just write a post for the corresponding date’s topic!

Today – November 1, 2022 – the topic is: What was your favorite subject in School?

 So, without any further ado…

So, what was my favorite subject in school?

You will all be surprised to hear that back in my High School days, my favorite subject wasn’t actually English. It was theater! Yes, I was a theater geek back then. I even thought I’d become an actress, but truth be told, I wasn’t more than better than average. Then I thought I’d become a singer but, my voice, while good, wasn’t very strong. But I did participate in plays and musicals throughout my High School career. In fact, I even competed in a few regional and state-wide speech competitions. That was fun!

However, when I was a senior, at the start of the year, my English teacher had us write an essay, a short story, and a poem. After he read my poem, he told me I wasn’t to do any of the rest of the class assignments, only give him a poem once a month. That’s when I got it into my head that I wanted to be a poet. Well, as you know, I did have some poems published, but it put me on the path for writing, which I ended up making into my career (albeit as a grant writer for the non-profit sector). I still have all my old poems, but they’re mostly crap. And now I’m working heavily on this blog, and (sometimes) on a novel. Will wonders never cease!

FYI – my most hated subject – Physical Ed!

What about you? What was your favorite subject in school?

This post also qualifies as my 16th entry in the #LetsDiscuss 2022 Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight!


14 thoughts on “TCL’s Tell Me Something Tuesday #TMST #3 & #LetsDiscuss2022 #16 – November 1, 2022 – School Days.

  1. There is definitely a direct relationship between a love of English and Theatre. My daughter’s undergraduate degree is in Theatre (design), and she had to read and analyze a lot of plays. I hated phys ed too (though I was on sports teams). Math and science were my faves though.

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  2. What a fun story! And by the way – I do some grant writing for a non-profit too! It’s not my primary job, but I have anywhere from 1-3/year. Isn’t it great to have that one teacher who made a difference in our lives?! Thanks for participating and tagging me!

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  3. Now I actually loved PE! And Cookery! Technical drawing wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t good at design and technology or woodwork! I liked Geography too, but the teacher we had for a couple of years was useless and made the subject a chore.

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