#SomethingDifferentSunday – The Chocolate Lady Returns to Instagram!

YES, I’m back!

As some of you know, my old Instagram account was hacked…

TCL Train Station

With the help of friends and family, I got the spam posts deleted from my old account (@davidachazan1957). However, because the hacker got into that account and changed the recovery email to their own, I can’t get into it to change the password, so I can’t use it anymore!

After some months of deliberation, I decided to open up a new account, and start anew. So, if you get a friend request from @chocolatelady1957, please accept and maybe follow me back. In the meanwhile, I’m going to try to copy my old posts onto my new account – if Instagram will let me!



Instagram Logo and symbol, meaning, history, sign.

What about you? Do you have an Instagram account? Would you want to follow me and I’ll follow you back? If so, please put your link in the comments.




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15 thoughts on “#SomethingDifferentSunday – The Chocolate Lady Returns to Instagram!

  1. I am sorry to hear this. I hope to continue to view your blog; it is something to do and enjoy from time. Stay well; again sorry to hear of bad things. I don’t use Instagram or Facebook. Let’s all stay safe as best can be.

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  2. I’m sorry for all the hassle these people create! You’d think they could think of something better to do with their one Precious life! I’m off to friend you and block your old account.

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