#SomethingDifferentSunday – The Chocolate Lady was in Ireland!

I’m back!

As I mentioned in my going away post, I joined with the Ireland Writers Tours for a week long conference of tutorials and writing workshops, from the amazing Eliza Knight and Heather Webb, led by Fiona Claire (who also participated in the writing sessions as well as led us in some interesting meditation sessions and fairy walks)!

It was lovely, and I thought you’d all like to see some pictures of the trip!

Now, I’m just terrible at remembering names of places, so… I’ll just pop a bunch of pictures up here for your enjoyment. Plus, you’ll see from my last picture why this took me a bit to post, and why I’m not up to giving details!

If you want to see the itinerary you can find it here (pay no attention to the URL saying September).

First, as I was in Dublin before the tour, I just HAD to visit this place (even though I don’t drink whiskey).

Then, on to the beauty of County Galway and points nearby.

Yes, I was there! (Fiona said there’s a fairy in this picture. Do you see it?)


Here’s some pictures of our group.

And obviously, I bought a small, but choice selection of chocolates!


But when I got home…. OY!


Hope you enjoyed these! (I wish I was still there.)

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27 thoughts on “#SomethingDifferentSunday – The Chocolate Lady was in Ireland!

  1. Not the ending you wanted but so glad you had a memorable trip. Not sure I could stomach seaweed flavoured chocolate though – an acquired taste….


  2. Great photos! I hope your bout with COVID will be mild and short. And I also hope you’ll be well enough to post a bit about what you learned about writing during the conference. Take care while recovering.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing pictures. Over the years, I’ve made many visits to Ireland (my partner is Irish) so it’s lovely to see it again through your photographs. But sorry to hear you have covid… hope your dose is mild and you recover quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

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