TCL is Going Abroad!

See you later, alligators!

TCL SuitcaseThis is just a quick post to let you all know that I’m leaving today for a trip abroad.

Where will I be?

In Ireland to participate in the Ireland Writer Tours Writers’ Conference & Retreat.

The Emerald Forest

After a short weekend in Dublin, I’ll be spending July 10-17 at a week-long writers conference with retreat elements and tours of Counties Galway, Clare, and Mayo, in the the inspirational wild west of Ireland.

The conference will include instruction from authors Heather Webb and Eliza Knight!

Yes, that means I’ll not only be on vacation, I’ll be working on my novel!

We’ll also get tours from Celtic historian, author and tour guide, Fiona Claire!

Fiona Claire

While I’m away (until July 18th), I hope to have enough internet access to view other posts, and maybe comment on a few.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

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