TCL’s Countdown Questions #42: Author Judy Leigh!

Typewriter Countdown Questions

An Alternative Author Interview:

TCL’s Countdown Questions.

This time I’m featuring author
Judy Leigh!

As a woman of a “certain age” myself, when I saw the ARC for a novel where all the protagonists were even older than I, I decided I needed a bit of fun, and asked for “The Golden Girls’ Getaway” (admittedly, seeing the apostrophe in the right place in the title did influence my decision)! Well, I was hooked, and I went right on to request “A Year of Mr. Maybes” and now I’ll soon be reading her upcoming book, “The Highland Hens.”  As is my wont, when I’ve discovered a new author, I have to ask them if they’ll participate in this little alternative author interview.  Let’s see how she replied to my five, fast, and fun questions.

  • If you could visit five (5) places you’ve never been, where would you go and why?

I’d like to visit Australia because it is a country of such beauty and I’ve never been. There are beautiful beaches and I love a good beach. I saw the film Priscilla Queen of the Desert and I was fascinated by the rugged outback. I’d love to go there. I’ve always wanted to visit Jamaica for the vibes and the reggae music and I’m desperate to go to Hawaii for the beach culture. (It’s all beaches so far…) I’d like to go to Antarctica because it would be incredible to photograph and I so want to visit Costa Rica and Sri Lanka and Peru for the landscape and the history. Oh, but that’s too many…


  • Name four (4) foods or dishes that you enjoy so much that they’ve practically become part of your personality.

This is a great question. Hummus – it’s nutritious and easy to make. Vegetable dhansak because it’s delicious. Sourdough bread, because I love baking it. And Buddha bowls of vegetables and grains that are all the colours of the rainbow. All of these – with wine, please!!


  • There is the past, the present, and the future – if you could choose, which of these three (3) would you prefer to live in, and why?

As a female, I’m not sure I’d go back. There are too many restrictions I’d struggle with, although the past is a fascinating place and it would be so good to research exactly how people lived, their attitudes, their cultures, but it would be very hard to assimilate that lifestyle as a modern person. The future would be incredible – we’ve come so far in a relatively short time and it would be amazing to see what we do with the future. I only hope we take care of the world around us. The present is relatively safe and I like it here. I’d certainly pick that…with the hope that people’s lives improve soon, whether they are in Ukraine, Uganda or Uttoxeter.

  • Best and/or worst – you choose which – name two (2) of either your best moments of your life, worst moments of your life, or one of each.

The best and worst moments of my life were both best and worst at the same time. My wedding to the most wonderful man was special but I’d have preferred to go to St Kitts and jump over a broomstick rather than stand in the cold on a rainy day in Torquay with strangers. Childbirth was great because they are beautiful people and I wouldn’t change a thing about them, but having C-sections to the music of Status Quo was a bit surreal. I wouldn’t change either event in truth, but I am much better now at trying to live the dream and to make each moment a memory…

  • Name one (1) book you’ve read in the past year (or so) that you wish you had written, and why.

There are so many. Sarah Winman’s Still Life is my first choice as it’s so beautifully written and so clever…but there are so, so many more…

Still Life

Thanks Judy! I have been thinking of reading that novel for quite some time now, actually. And if someone who writes as beautifully and cleverly as you is recommending it, then you’ve convinced me I should read it too! Keep living the dream, and hoping all our lives will improve.

Judy Leigh

Hi, I’m Judy and I love to write, especially books that feature older central characters who have adventures, make mischief and enjoy second chances. My main aim is to make my reader smile, perhaps to occasionally shed a tear, and to feel that she or he has read something uplifting. Thanks for visiting my page.

For twenty five years, I worked for a while as a teacher of theatre in several areas of the UK, having a wonderful time and meeting the most wonderful people. I have taught in China briefly and I have directed and written plays. It was a great privilege.

I took a Master’s in Professional Writing from Falmouth University in 2015, because I was determined to write. My first novel. ‘A Grand Old Time’ was published by HarperCollins Avon, in Spring 2018 and The Age of Misadventure in 2019.

Since then, I have joined Boldwood Books and more best-selling books have followed: Five French Hens, The Old Girls’ Network, Heading over the Hill, Chasing the Sun and Lil’s Bus Trip. My next novel, The Golden Girls’ Getaway wikll be released on December 7th.

All of my novels celebrate friendship, the ups and downs of life, relationships, the power of laughter and the belief that everyone should have a second chance at happiness, whatever their age.

Witches TreeI’m also working on another set of novels under a different author name. These will be dual timelines and more than a little bit spooky. The first will be published in 2022.

I’m a prolific writer, but when I’m not at the computer I’m often on the beach or on the moors, walking, doing yoga or travelling in the camper van. I’m a Reiki healer, a vegan and an animal lover. 

Coundown 42 Judy Leigh




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