TCL’s #SixforSunday #9 – Missing Short Stories.

What is #SixforSunday?

#SixforSunday was a little blog feature Steph @ A little but a lot started in June 2017 for herself. It’s a weekly blog post where you get to share 6 books which fill a certain prompt. Originally, #SixforSunday was a post Steph did that she never thought she would stick with! It was her place to share 6 bookish things under a given prompt. (If you want to see her first post, you can check it out here!) She started it thinking it would fizzle out and that she would run out of things to use as prompts: She never imagined that it would transform itself into something OTHER PEOPLE JOIN IN WITH every week. For further details of the rules and links to the prompts for this meme, please visit Steph’s blog here. (Don’t forget to follow and tag Steph alittlebutalot on Twitter and Instagram – @eenalol – if you join in! Also, I made this little banner for this prompt, using graphics from her blog. I hope Steph likes it!)

Six4Sunday Banner

This week – February 27, 2022 – the topic is: Stories You’d Love a Short Story of.

 So, without any further ado…

Well, I’m not sure what Steph means by this, but let’s see if I’ve got this right.

6 – You know those noir/crime fiction books? I think there aren’t enough of those psychological drama short stories out there. If there are, and I just don’t know about them (because I don’t read that genre much), please let me know.

5 – I don’t read fantasy or horror novels, but a short story where we think there’s some kind of monster or evil magic chasing the protagonist, but it ends up being something else altogether, with a really good twist. That sounds like fun.

4 – Romance is another one of my least favorite genres, so what about an anti-romance short story. You know, where the protagonist is pursued by someone, and instead of falling into their arms, they go their separate ways, and because the protagonist isn’t focused on finding a partner, they have something really great happen to them, like they discover something amazing or win some kind of huge award – like a Nobel Prize.

3 – I would like to see short stories about the Native American experience; something that delves into their rich culture and traditions, because I don’t know enough about them. That said, short stories about varying native cultures anywhere in the world, would be interesting.

2 – We know a whole lot about the sinking of the Titanic, but what about a story about the sinking of the Lusitania? I’ve read books that include that incident, but nothing that focuses on, say, one crew member or passenger’s experience. That said, has anyone written a short story about surviving a tsunami?

1 – Finally, there is one fictional character I fell in love with totally and completely – Nina from “The Huntress” by Kate Quinn. Now she knows I’ve been after her to write a spin-off with Nina as the main protagonist, but, you know, maybe a good short story or novella with her would do. Just a thought…

What about you? What stories would you like to see made into a short story?


10 thoughts on “TCL’s #SixforSunday #9 – Missing Short Stories.

  1. I do like your ideas, my problem is that I don’t enjoy the short story style as I like to be able to sink my teeth into a good length novel. I can just about do a novella, but so many of these style leave me wanting more. Yes please to more from Kate Quinn’s Nina. I expect that I am in the minority here because I read quickly and have time to read a full length book.

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