TCL’s #T5T – Top Five Tuesday #4 – August 17, 2021 – Book Covers with Plants.


Top Five Tuesday was originally created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm, but is now hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads. To participate, link your post back to Meeghan’s blog or leave a comment on her weekly post.

This week, Meeghan asked us to put up Five Favorite Book Covers with Plants!

Well, there were a whole lot of beautiful covers with plants, and in fact, earlier this year, I did a Six for Sunday with the same topic. But you know what? Now I’ve got more pretty books than what I had for that post (a few of which I overlooked back then), and … So, without any further ado….

Jane Austen Society1

#5 – Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner.

This cover isn’t the one I have, but it has more plants than mine does, and I think I prefer it to the copy I have. Obviously, that doesn’t change what’s inside! Read my review here!

nectar2#4 – Nectar by Lily Prior.

There are two covers of this, both with plants, but the one I picked is a bit more… luscious! Here’s my review.

A house in the Country#3 – A House in the Country by Ruth Adam.

On my previous list, I used The Lark, but this time… I’ll take this other lovely Furrowed Middlebrow novel. You can find my review here.

Blue Flower Med#2 – The Blue Flower by Penelope Fitzgerald.

Again, the cover to my copy is different than this, but I wish I had found a copy of this version – I think it is truly lovely with that one, blue flower! I reviewed it here.

Miss Benson's Beetle#1 – Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how I could have not added this to my previous list. A truly terrible oversight for such an amazing novel, even if it didn’t have such an amazing cover. Here’s my review, as well.


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How about you?

What are your top five book covers that have plants?

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