#SomethingDifferent #11 – Another Poem by The Chocolate Lady!

Once upon a time, I wrote poetry!

Somewhere deep inside my #LetsDiscuss2020 #DiscussionSunday post about my regimen vs. impulse posting, I posed the question if anyone thought it might be fun for me to post some of my poetry here on my blog. Well, a couple of people showed interest, and I appreciate that. As for the rest of you, you are welcome to just click or scroll on by if you aren’t poetry people (I promise, I won’t be the least bit offended)!

This one was written in 2001!

Wet Riches

Jewel encrusted mirrors of water
rest undisturbed on asphalt matting
until shattered by rubber mallets
of boot and wheel.

Scattering their gems –
too shy to stay away for long –
they reunite, sliding, like liquid silver
back to their mother-of-pearl pools.

sunrise-1502050_640Dark streets, powdered
with diamond dust rain
mixed with headlamp glitter.

Floating gold coins
drip down shiny nuggets
into velvet purses below.

As the sky slips off its indigo sheet
revealing its pale mottled skin,
all these wealthy treasures
slide carefully back into hiding
locked away with the brass key
of a greedy dawn.

© Davida Chazan, 2001. First published in the (now defunct) online magazine Quasar Review, along with two other poems.

Image by sherry traub from Pixabay

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