TCL’s #SixinSix for 2021.

What is Six in Six?

According to Jo @ The Book Blogger, “the idea [for Six in Six is] that as the end of June approaches and we are then halfway through the year, let us share the books we have read in those first 6 months. In fact let’s share 6 books in 6 categories, or if time is of the essence then simply share just 6 books. Whatever combination works for you as long as it involves 6 books. Of course the same book can obviously feature in more than one category.” To learn more about the categories and the rules, just visit this post here!


So, without any further ado, here are my Six in Six for 2021 (mostly in order of reading them)…

1) Six new authors to me in 2021:

  1. Christine Wells (Sisters of the Resistance)
  2. Lind Rui Feng (Swimming Back to Trout River)
  3. Sunny Hostin (Summer on the Bluffs)
  4. Sandi Tan (Lurkers)
  5. Adrienne Chinn (The English Wife)
  6. Olga Grushin (The Charmed Wife)

2) Six authors I have read this year, but also read before 2021 (I’ve read more than these, but starting from January, my “repeat offenders” are…):

  1. Melanie Benjamin (The Children’s Blizzard)
  2. Lauren Willig (Band of Sisters)
  3. Kate Quinn (The Rose Code)
  4. Jane Healey (The Secret Stealers)
  5. Barbara Probst (The Sound Between the Notes)
  6. Cynthia Ozick (Antiquities)

3) Six books I have enjoyed the most (of those published in 2021, again, in reading order):

  1. The Children’s Blizzard” by Melanie Benjamin
  2. Trio” by William Boyd
  3. The Rose Code” by Kate Quinn
  4. Swimming Back to Trout River” by Linda Rui Feng
  5. Antiquities” by Cynthia Ozick
  6. The Social Graces” by Renee Rosen

4) Six books I was disappointed with (the first three I finished, but had much to criticize; the last three I DNF!):

  1. Summer on the Bluffs” by Sunny Hostin
  2. The Women of Chateau Lafayette” by Stephanie Dray
  3. The Paris Library” by Janet Skeslien Charles
  4. “Rhapsody” by Mitchell James Kaplan
  5. “The Limits of Limelight” by Margaret Porter
  6. “The War Nurse” by Tracey Enerson Wood

5) Six physical books I have read (which are also six books I read this year that were published before 2021):

  1. The House by the Loch” by Kirsty Wark
  2. Olive Kitteridge” by Elizabeth Strout
  3. The Blue Flower” by Penelope Fitzgerald
  4. About Grace” by Anthony Doerr
  5. The Jane Austen Society” by Natalie Jenner
  6. Gentleman’s Relish” by Patrick Gale

6) Six 2021 book covers I love:

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What about you? Can you do find books for any of these Six in Six topics?


17 thoughts on “TCL’s #SixinSix for 2021.

  1. Lovely to see you taking part this year, Davida! I love this yearly meme. You look like you read a lovely selection of books in the last six months and may it continue to the end of this year. I read The Jane Austen Society last year and really enjoyed it. Take care and happy reading! 😃

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  2. I very much enjoyed your post! I’ve just discovered “Six in Six” and am thinking about doing it myself (guess I should make my mind up, huh, given that July is half over!)
    I was interested to see that your list included Cynthia Ozick’s Antiquities, which I’ve been considering for a quick read (I’ve mixed feelings about Ozick — some of her work I like, some I don’t). I loved your selection of book covers, especially Sisters of the Resistance.

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    1. Well, unlike Ozick’s Puttermesser Papers, this is totally set in reality, although the main protagonist is a bit… off, if you know what I mean. I found it amazing how you slowly get to understand this guy and read between the lines. Perfect unreliable narrator. If you like that kind of thing, I think you’ll love this book. Check out my review.

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    1. Yes, Barbara is a very good writer. She approached me about her debut book and I was very pleasantly surprised. This is her second novel and I think she’s really got something special. I love to promote indie authors, as you know!


  3. So fun to read this! It’s a great way to see what how the reading year is going right? I see that you read Olive Kitteridge – I hope you liked it. That was one of my favorite reads several years ago.

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    1. Actually… I wasn’t blown away. Maybe my mistake was adoring the TV series so much before I read the book. However, I love her Lucy Barton books, and I just got the ARC for her upcoming one!


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