#SomethingDifferent 6 – Another Poem by The Chocolate Lady!

Once upon a time, I wrote poetry!

Somewhere deep inside my #LetsDiscuss2020 #DiscussionSunday post about my regimen vs. impulse posting, I posed the question if anyone thought it might be fun for me to post some of my poetry here on my blog. Well, a couple of people showed interest, and I appreciate that. As for the rest of you, you are welcome to just click or scroll on by if you aren’t poetry people (I promise, I won’t be the least bit offended)!

This one was written in 1999 or 2000, when apparently, I was going through a rough time.

The Ties That Bound

What tears have rent the fabrics
and pulled apart the seams
that once seemed so strong?

sewing-975410_1280All around me I find scraps
of joyful emotions, laying strewn
in ragged heaps, discarded remnants
of faded smiles and broken threads
of disused warmth. Gathering like lint
they pile up around the edges of memories
and suffocate the dropped stitches
that had once been so carefully woven.

So, the bindings are ripped apart
leaving two, separate,
but no less hemmed in,
by a mutual shroud of loss.

© 1999-2000 Davida R. Chazan – all rights reserved. This poem first appeared on the e-zine Little Brown Poetry, in December 2000, and was scheduled to appear in their Nine Muses Anthology.  It also appeared in the Dakota House Journal in their February/March 2001 online issue.

(Image by Roman Káčerek from Pixabay.)

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