TCL’s Best of the Best List for 2013-2020

You’ve seen my yearly Top Five/Top Ten lists, but how about a “best of the best” list?

For those of you who have been following this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been producing a list of my favorite books published for each of the years I’ve been blogging. While I probably should have done this after my 2017 list, so I’d have the top five of the last five years, but I didn’t think of it back then, so I’m going to give you instead my top eight of the last eight years. In any case, I’m hoping this will become a new yearly feature, that is unless you all get sick and tired of it (let me know, okay)!

Best of the Best List Jan 4 2021

Anyway, here were the #1 ranked books of the past years from last year’s post, and now including this year’s top novel:

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This time, my Honorable Mentions list will only include books from 2020:

#5 – “The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop” by Fannie Flagg.
#4 – “Anxious People” by Fredrik Backman.
#3 – “Miss Benson’s Beetle” by Rachel Joyce.
#2 – “The Arctic Fury” by Greer Macallister.
#1 – “Code Name Hélène” by Ariel Lawhon.

That leaves me with the following, which again, was no easy task to rank. And the winners are:

In 8th place: “A Spool of Blue Thread” by Anne Tyler

In 7th place: “Warlight” by Michael Ondaatje

In 6th place: “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman

In 5th place: “All the Rivers” by Dorit Rabinyan

In 4th place: “The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt” by Andrea Bobotis

In 3rd place: “Flight of Dreams” by Ariel Lawhon

In 2nd place: “A Tale for the Time Being” by Ruth Ozeki

In 1st place: Hamnet” by Maggie O’Farrell

Last year I wondered if any book would ever beat out Ozeki’s book for the number 1 spot, and here you have it – Maggie O’Farrell succeeded with this masterpiece of a novel. It was sorely overlooked for the Booker Prize, but won the Women’s Fiction Prize. (It is going to be VERY hard for a book to beat both this and Ozeki for either the second or the top spot for 2021, but… let the games begin!)


There you have it, my best of the best for the years 2013-2020.

New Top Five List Announced


13 thoughts on “TCL’s Best of the Best List for 2013-2020

  1. Ooh, good idea, now I want to do this for seven years of “Emerald City Gems.”

    I just finally read A Tale for the Time Being and enjoyed it a lot. I think I should read Hamnet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes that happens – a book just becomes a far and away favorite. Mind you, these are only the books I’ve read and reviewed on my blog. I still say that “The English Patient” by Michael Ondaatje is my all time favorite book, but I’ve never had the courage to review it, and I read it before I had a blog.


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