Special #Hanukkah #ThrowbackThursday from The Chocolate Lady.

Throwback Thursday Record

A special Throwback Thursday for Hanukkah? Why not?

Well, happy Hanukkah (whichever way you spell it) for all who celebrate it. I know… last year I did a link party for this holiday, but… with the move to the new apartment, I just can’t maintain it this year (but I might do it again next year). Now, regarding this link party, as my regular readers know, I don’t usually put up posts in the middle of the month; I just let this link party go until the next one. But… this holiday starts tonight, and well… I have a VERY appropriate book!

So… with no further ado, I give you…

The Chocolate Lady’s Special Hanukkah Throwback Thursday Book Review, called:

Death Among the Dreidel Set.

My Book Review for “Chanukah Guilt” by Rabbi Ilene Schneider.

My review starts thusly:

Chanukah Guilt NewAccording to the book cover synopsis, “Rabbi Aviva Cohen is a 50-something, twice-divorced rabbi living a rather uneventful life in South Jersey. True, she has a family that is rather unconventional. And her first ex-husband is moving to her town. But her life takes a truly interesting – and sinister – turn when she agrees to officiate at the funeral of an unpopular land developer. She doesn’t expect to be told by two different people that he had been murdered. Nor does she expect that the first funeral will result in a suicide. …” I couldn’t have put it any better and Rabbi Ilene Schneider’s first book (and yes, there are more) is a very nicely done first outing.. …”

Too obvious? Maybe! But you must admit, it is perfect for both this link party and the holiday, right?

Plus, this book is going on sale at Amazon for only $1.99 for the holiday!!!

Click here to read the rest of this review!

If you like this idea, and want to do your own Throwback Thursday post, please put the link in the comments below.

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Get your copy of “Chanukah Guilt” NOW on sale on Amazon for only $1.99 until the end of the holiday!

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