#SomethingDifferent 3 – Another Poem by The Chocolate Lady!

Once upon a time, I wrote poetry!

Somewhere deep inside my #LetsDiscuss2020 #DiscussionSunday post about my regimen vs. impulse posting, I posed the question if anyone thought it might be fun for me to post some of my poetry here on my blog. Well, a couple of people showed interest, and the rest of you can just click or scroll on by if you aren’t poetry people (I promise, I won’t be the least bit offended)!

This one was written in 2000, after a friend from the UK came to visit me in Israel!

The Map of the Visitor’s Face

When these visions wind into your paths,
I can envision the map of your face.
Foreign roads roll beneath your trail,
wonder tunnels across your brow;
cobbled bends tug at your chin.
I join in your wanderings through my past,
caveeyewitness to the suddenly exposed
crevices before your eyes.

Fields of antiquity surround your perspective,
awe trails along your temples;
grassy curves caress your neck.
I celebrate in your journey along my pilgrimage,
notarizing the freshly traversed
bridges of your mind.

History’s mounds beckon your approach,
rapture rides across your lips;
ragged corners reflect on your cheeks.
I share in your discovery of my memories,
sponsoring the newly uncovered
elevations of your soul.

© 2000 Davida R. Chazan – all rights reserved. (This poem was published March 2001 in Mélange Magazine (Vol 3, No. 1).

6 thoughts on “#SomethingDifferent 3 – Another Poem by The Chocolate Lady!

  1. That’s reminded me of being at a hotel outside Tel Aviv with someone rather unadventurous: I bounded off in excitement to walk to Jaffa and explore several millennia in history, and they said that they were staying put because there was no need to go out as the hotel bar served sandwiches!

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