TCL’s Countdown Questions #35: Aimie K. Runyan!

Typewriter Countdown Questions

An Alternative Author Interview:

TCL’s Countdown Questions.

This week I’m featuring author
Aimie K. Runyan!

A couple of years ago, I read Aimie’s book “Girls on the Line” (link to my review), and I immediately realized I’d found an author who speaks to me, and writes in my favorite genres. I know I need to read her backlist, and she has a new book that just came out as well. Let’s see her replies to my five, fast, and fun questions.

  • If you could visit five (5) places you’ve never been, where would you go and why?

New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii, Greece, and Spain… but the list could go on!

Gaudi in Barcelona


  • Name four (4) foods or dishes that you enjoy so much that they’ve practically become part of your personality.

Chimichangas, queso, French fries, chocolate!



  • There is the past, the present, and the future – if you could choose, which of these three (3) would you prefer to live in, and why?

The present… there is very little about the past I’d want to change (because my life rocks right now) and living in the present gives me control over the future. That said? It’d be cool to fast forward past Corona.

  • Best and/or worst – you choose which – name two (2) of either your best moments of your life, worst moments of your life, or one of each.

Best moments of my life: the day my son was born and the day my daughter was born.

  • Name one (1) book you’ve read in the past year (or so) that you wish you had written, and why.

Good one… probably The Orphan Collector by Ellen Marie Wiseman because the Spanish Flu is a fascinating topic and her characters are simply wonderful!

Orphan Collector

Thanks Aimie! Yes, that book does look very good. Also, I hope you like my picture of the Gaudi Park in Barcelona, and I hope you can get to all these places some day (New Zealand is also on my bucket list)!

Aimie RunyanFrom even my earliest years, I loved jotting down stories and really, really bad poetry. I dabbled in the world of the short story for a long time, until I finally sat down one fateful February day and decided that my beloved short story, “Days of Plenty” deserved to become a novel. I felt (and feel) it was a story the world needed to hear. More importantly, I knew that after thirty-three years of life, seven years of marriage, and two children, I finally had the life experience to tell it. ThusPromised to the Crown was born.

“Since Promised, and its little sister Duty to the Crown, I’ve moved forward in time. The World Wars–especially their untold stories–will be my stomping grounds for the foreseeable future. My novel, Daughters of the Night Sky is a complete departure from my earlier works, but the stories of the long-forgotten female pilots on the Russian front in World War Two deserved to be told. There are so many similar missing pages in our history books, particularly women’s contributions to the war efforts, from this era that I may stay here quite awhile. Plus, people keep sending me “articles we thought you’d find interesting” about the wars, and lo and behold, shiny new book ideas comes to life. (Feel free to keep sending those articles,  everyone!)

“Before transitioning to full time writing, I taught French to high schoolers, with occasional stints into English, Public Speaking, and Competitive Forensics. When I’m not writing or wrangling my wayward kiddos, I enjoy hiking, baking, sewing (especially costumes), music (especially live), theater, movies, and all things sacred unto Nerd Culture.

“I’m proud to be a member of the Tall Poppy Writers, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Pikes Peak Writers, and the Women’s Fictions Writers Association.”

Aimie is the author of five adult novels and one YA book. Her latest novel, Across the Winding River, was released on August 1, 2020!

Countdown 34 Aimie Runyon

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