TCL’s Top Ten Tuesday for June 23, 2020 – #TTT Turns 10!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Celebrating TTT’s 10th Anniversary!

ttt Birthday

To celebrate 10 years of TTT, I decided to look back on all the times I’d participated in this weekly meme and see which one was my oldest and maybe update it. However, I wasn’t thrilled with that topic (which was the last 10 books added to my TBR list) so instead, I decided to do another…

Top Ten Books the Chocolate Lady LOVED with Less Than 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads
(from February 19, 2019).

Back then, my list was:

  1. Adore by Doris Lessing – 701 reviews
  2. Fall of Poppies: Stories of the Great War by various authors – 901
  3. It’s. Nice. Outside. By Jim Kokoris – 1374
  4. The Sunken Cathedral by Kate Walbert – 477
  5. Tamburlaine Must Die by Louise Welsh – 620
  6. The Escape of Malcolm Poe by Allison Burnet – 34
  7. All the Rivers by Dorit Rabinyan – 1601
  8. The Puttermesser Papers by Cynthia Ozick – 1055
  9. The Phantom’s Apprentice by Heather Webb – 196
  10. Smash all the Windows by Jane Davis – 71

But I guess I didn’t drill down deep enough last time, because now I see my new list would be…

  1. Letters from the Fire by Alma A. Hromic and R.A. Deckert – 7 reviews
  2. Going out in Style by Daniel Kelley – 16 reviews
  3. Sleeping Patterns by J. R. Crook – 32 reviews
  4. The Escape of Malcolm Poe by Allison Burnet – 36 reviews (Only two more reviews?)
  5. Not Quite Lost: Travels Without a Sense of Direction by Roz Morris – 43 reviews
  6. My Counterfeit Self by Jane Davis – 62 reviews
  7. My So-Called Ruined Life by Melanie Bishop – 64 reviews
  8. Salt the Snow by Carrie Callaghan – 87 reviews
  9. Queen of the Owls by Barbara Linn Probst – 102 reviews
  10. Smash all the Windows by Jane Davis – 133 reviews (Hm… that’s a very sorry improvement!)

Wow… these books really DO need more people to read and review them. Maybe some of you will see this and read my reviews and try them yourselves! I certainly hope so!

What are you doing to celebrate 10 years of TTT?

28 thoughts on “TCL’s Top Ten Tuesday for June 23, 2020 – #TTT Turns 10!

  1. I remember this topic requiring quite a bit of work going back and forth on Goodreads to find 10 books that qualified. Then I discovered that some books had few reviews but quite a few people who had read them. I was conflicted. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  2. Great list! Some books really do deserve more love on Goodreads – I know a few poetry collections that only have 1 or 2 ratings and reviews and it’s such a shame when they’re so good. I’ll have to check some of these books out!

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  3. It’s always crazy to learn that a book you totally loved is not well-known. I’m always trying to get friends to read hidden gems. I’ll definitely have to check out some of these titles. 🙂

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  4. Ack! I don’t know any of these books. How is that possible?! It’s so much fun to look back through our “read” lists and remember which ones we’ve enjoyed. My daughter and I were just reminiscing about favorite books this morning.

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