TCL Joins the 2020 Big Book Summer Challenge!


To find out about this reading challenge, please visit this post on the blog Book By Book.

You can find the books on my list for this challenge this summer on Goodreads here:

Will you be reading any books that are at least 400 pages long this summer?

19 thoughts on “TCL Joins the 2020 Big Book Summer Challenge!

  1. Welcome to the 2020 Big Book Summer Challenge, Davida! So glad you’re joining the fun again! You’ve got a great list of books here, so enjoy! Remember you can come back to the challenge page during the summer to leave any Big Book reviews or updates.

    (sorry for the delay in commenting – I’ve been busy getting ready for my son’s college graduation!)


    2020 Big Book Summer Challenge

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  2. So glad you’re doing this challenge. It’s a fun one. I just hope I start reading once school ends as I have been reading NOTHING. Fast Girls looks really good, I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

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  3. “Miss Benson’s Beetle” is on my TBR but I won’t be reading it until after I’ve read the 20 titles that I’ve pledged to read for the “20 Boks of Summer” reading challenge. Kudos to you. Happy reading 👍📚❤

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      1. Yes… I hope so too. Mind you, one person who was unhappy with this book actually worked with Jackie when she was in publishing, so they might be biased. I will still read it, because Maria Callas was my mother’s idol, and my mother once attended a singing master class with her when she was a vocal and violin student at the Chicago Musical College.

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  4. Fast Girls is also on my list. I skimmed an ARC of Jackie and Maria but was unimpressed; I used to see her in the hallway when we both worked for Bantam Doubleday Dell so it felt like a betrayal to read such a book. I also bought the new Sharon Kay Penman (658 pages) right before all the local bookstores closed here and look forward to reading it soon!

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