TCL’s Rapid Fire Book Tag.

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This tag was created by Girl Reading, and it’s some quick bookish questions, and their quick bookish answers.

While I wasn’t tagged directly, I am taking advantage of the open invitation extended by Christine at Purple Manatees, which I found via Leah’s Book Reviews and Recipes.

Here we go!

E-Book or Physical Book?

Both – one physical book and one eBook at a time.

Paperback or Hardback?

I wish I could afford the hardback books, so its paperback for me (most of the time).

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

Again, because I don’t live in an English-speaking country, I don’t have many stores where I live that sells books I want to buy (I tend to find indie published books more interesting than the best-sellers that end up here). But when I get to London, just try to keep me from the brick and mortar book stores!

Trilogies or Series?

Neither – but if there’s a sequel to something I liked, I’ll read it.

Heroes or Villains?

Again, I’ll go with neither. I like characters that aren’t cookie-cutter, stereotypes that you can just put into one box.

A book you want everyone to read?

The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt” by Andrea Bobotis – my favorite of 2019. Bobotis is going to go VERY far, I’m sure, so I suggest you all get on the bandwagon with me, NOW!

Recommend an underrated book?

I’m not sure if it is underrated but how about “Flight of Dreams” by Ariel Lawhon (my favorite of her novels, so far).

The last book you finished?

The Lost Diary of M” by Paul Wolfe.

The Last Book You Bought?

Another Time Another Place: An Anthology of Stories” by various writers (as an eBook on Amazon).

Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

It isn’t that weird, but I like using my boarding passes from airline flights as well as the tickets for the London underground.

Used Books: Yes or No?

Absolutely YES (I love shopping at Better World Books).

Top Three Favorite Genres?

Historical fiction, biographical fiction, women’s fiction – but only literary.

Borrow or Buy?

Like I said, I wish I could borrow books, but again, because of where I live there are no libraries that have books in English for me to borrow anymore.

Characters or Plot?

Characters, for sure (but there has to be a plot as well).

Long or Short Books?

Since I’m a slow reader, probably short books (I adore good short stories and novellas).

Long or Short Chapters?

Short chapters, especially if they’re really, really short – like just a line or a paragraph – because they can be far more evocative than long, drawn-out descriptions (Ondaatje is a master at that).

Name the First Three Books You Think Of:

The English Patient” by Michael Ondaatje

Catch-22” by Joseph Heller

A Tale for the Time Being” by Ruth Ozeki

Books That Makes You Laugh or Cry?

If you can make me cry, you’ve bought me hook, line and sinker! But a good laugh is always welcome. So… BOTH!

Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Our world, most decidedly – I hate fantasy. I can get into a good dystopian novel, as long as it isn’t with non-human characters.

Audiobooks: Yes or No?

I’ve only “read” three, but I’d like to read more, so yes.

Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?

Oh, yes… ALL the time!

Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

TV adaptations, because they have the ability to retain more of the book.

A Movie or TV-Show You Preferred to its Book?

Not many of these, but I’ll go with the last one I saw and read, which would be the film version of “The Bookshop” by Penelope Fitzgerald.

Series or Standalones?

Almost always standalone books (until I find the next Agathe Christie).

I’m tagging:

Anyone and everyone. If you want to do this… consider yourself tagged!

18 thoughts on “TCL’s Rapid Fire Book Tag.

  1. I love your answer to the hero/villain question. Someone recently asked this on Twitter and I replied similarly. The best heroes have a little darkness and the best villain occasionally surprise you with a hint of heroism. In my opinion.

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  2. I lived abroad for a few years, and I remember swapping paperbacks with other expats — I read a lot of things that weren’t my usual style just because that’s what was available in English. I don’t love everything here in Boston, but I really appreciate access to good public libraries.

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  3. It’s mostly paperbacks for me too because hardbacks are more expensive. I do indulge in hardback versions for books by authors I really love. I have lived in London for three months and enjoyed walking into bookstores to be surrounded by books in English, but now that I’m back in Bordeaux, it’s going to be online shopping again until I can set foot in the UK again!

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  4. Oops. I accidentally left this comment on your “About Me” instead of this post. I love things like this and am going to consider myself tagged. It’s fun to see how much we all have in common.

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  5. This is fun! I may take advantage of it sometime! I agree with you about a book making you cry! An emotional connection gets me every time! But I need to qualify that by noting I don’t appreciate being manipulated to “ugly cry” ……e.g. the early Kristin Hannah books are like that for me and I had to stop reading her back list.

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