TCL’s Top Ten Tuesday for January 28, 2020.

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

ttt-big2Book Cover Freebie!

I am not in the least bit sorry to say that I often DO judge a book by its cover.

I’m also not ashamed to say that I’ve been duped by some of them. Others have lived up to their splendid dressings, while others with covers I’ve disliked have ended up being far better than their packaging would have us assume.

Since I’ve never done one of these book cover lists, I’ll go with a countdown of the ones that tickled my fancy the most.

In 10th place the cover to “It’s. Nice. Outside.” by Jim Kokoris. Come on – isn’t it just too cute for words? And the book is great, too!


In 9th place I must say that I’m not sure why I loved the cover for T. Greenwood’s novel, “Keeping Lucy” but I just did!

keeping lucy

In 8th place, I’ll go with the original cover to “Loving Frank” by Nancy Horan, which is a marvelous novel about the woman who was Frank Lloyd Wright’s mistress. What I love about this cover is that there are actual windows like this in one of the homes in Chicago that he designed, so I’ve actually seen this in real life! (By the way, Ms. Horan – where have you gone? It has been a while since your second novel. I’d love to read something new by you!)



In 7th place I’m including both versions of Lily Prior’s novel “Nectar,” which are equally luscious, together with the delicious cover of her her first novel “La Cucina“!


In 6th place I believe that both covers for “See What I Have Done” by Sarah Schmidt are both very evocative, and appropriate for this amazing novel.


In 5th place, I’ll put my favorite covers for two of Joanne Harris’ books – “Chocolat” and “Five Quarters of the Orange” which are the ones I have on my shelf.


In 4th place, I think both of these novels by Crystal King are stunning, although I think that I like “The Chef’s Secret” just a tiny bit more than I like “Feast of Sorrow” (and not surprisingly, that’s my assessment of these two books as well).

3rd place goes to the cover of “Ecstasy” by Mary Sharratt, because I just adore the Art Nouveau look to this, which is one of my favorite styles – both artistically and architecturally.


For 2nd place, how could I not include a cover with a Klimt portrait (on the left), which wasn’t the cover of the book I read (which is on the right). But it wouldn’t have mattered which of these I read, because “Signed, Mata Hari” by Yannick Murphy was such a fabulous novel, it didn’t matter how it was dressed.


In 1st place, I include ALL of the book covers for one of my favorite authors, Jane Davis. I swear, she has the most evocative, expressive, and fascinating (in other words, kick-a** beautiful) cover art I’ve ever seen, and what’s inside is equally as amazing. If you’ve never read her books, you really must (and I really must read those I haven’t gotten to yet)! Of them, so far I’ve read “I Stopped Time,” “An Unknown Woman,” “Smash all the Windows,” and “My Counterfeit Self.”

What Book Covers are on this weeks list for you?

42 thoughts on “TCL’s Top Ten Tuesday for January 28, 2020.

  1. I Stopped Time, Ecstasy, and See What I Have Done were my favorites. Such lovely covers! Most of them are very lush, other than the adorable #10 pick!

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  2. Oh, these are all beautiful! And I definitely judge books by their covers — isn’t that the point of bookstore window displays? 🙂 Of all of these, I think I love Ecstasy the most. It’s gorgeous!

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  3. Jane Davis has great covers. I especially like “Smash all the Windows.” My all time favorite cover is one of my own — “Whispers Under the Baobab.” Working with my cover designer on this was a treat.

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  4. Yes to everything you said about Loving Frank, I’ll second the shout-out to Nancy Horan too. I’m a FLW junkie, so there was no way I was passing that book up and it was a stunning read.
    The cover of It’s Nice Outside is so sweet, who could resist?

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  5. I have experienced both delight and disappointment with choosing a book for its cover – examples being looking for Alaska and miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children 🙂

    Great list and I’m surprised that I haven’t read even one of these books😟

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  6. I love the cover of Ecstasy! Such a gorgeous combination of so many things. 🙂

    My <a href=”“>Top Ten Tuesday

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  7. I also judge a book by its cover and have been disappointed, yet delighted when a cover was not appealing and the story was amazing. The covers for See What I Have Done are so different, yet as you say, both eye catching.

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