TCL’s #EightCandleBookTag Link Party – Second Candle for 2019 – Two of You!


00 Eight Candle Book TagAs you already know from my post last week (where you’ll find the concept and the topics), I invented a new meme to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah with all of my book blogging friends, of all races, creeds, religions, genders, and whatever. I’m calling it…

The Chocolate Lady’s

Eight Candle Book Tag Link Party!

This post is being published just as Jews in Israel light the second candle for the second day of Hanukkah. I have chosen one book for each night on bookish topics (the topics and rules can be found on this post, here). Also, you will find my Link Party at the bottom of each of these posts so anyone who wants to can join in the fun.

Remember, you don’t have to be Jewish to participate!

Here is my choice for the:

🕯️🕯️Second Candle
Two of You:

A book both you, and someone special to you, have both really enjoyed.

Where the Wild Things AReI’m going to go with my sister on this one, because my husband and I never seem to agree wholeheartedly about any book, and he does read genres I don’t. Plus my kids aren’t big readers. There are actually two books that fit this bill for me, but the one that stands out (and the one that I’ve actually reviewed) is “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. When my kids were small, my sister decided that I had to read at least one book to them in Hebrew, and that was the book she chose for me to read to them. My kids loved it, and to this day, I think I can still recite the whole book by heart!

8th Candle

What book would you choose for this subject?

If you write a post for this meme, I hope you’ll put your link to that post into the link party tool here (or just put your choice in a comment on this post), so we can all see it!

The link party will run from 6:00am Israel time (GMT +2) on December 22 through midnight December 30!

Happy Holidays!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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3 thoughts on “TCL’s #EightCandleBookTag Link Party – Second Candle for 2019 – Two of You!

  1. My “Two of You” is with my granddaughter. We have read and still read many books together (now that she’s older, she reads to me — “Rebel Girls” for one). I just asked her, which of all the books we have read is her favorite. She said “Madeline!” I agree wholeheartedly. We both love the story and the illustrations which take me back to France instantly.

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