A Public Service Announcement…


Thank you all for your support during my time of need. Akismet has stopped marking my comments as spam as of late July 11th!

Hurrah! (?)


We interrupt our regular programming to bring you the following

Public Service Announcement:

My Comments on WordPress Blogs are being marked as SPAM! They are NOT!


Apparently, Akismet, the company that does the spam filtering on many WordPress blogs, has decided that my comments are spam. Yes, really. I know this because a) when I try to comment on someone’s WP blog with my WP profile, the comment disappears without a trace, and b) some people have told me that they found my comments in their spam inboxes.

UPDATE: Today (July 11), for the first time since I started this blog, I found TWO perfectly legitimate comments from readers in MY spam inbox!

Watch out people… Aksimet is acting up. Don’t post comments on blogs and close the page before you check to see if it shows up, or shows as “awaiting moderation.” If you don’t see either of these, that’s a sign that YOUR comment has been marked as spam!

I’m trying to get this fixed, but in the meanwhile, I would appreciate your taking a look in your spam inboxes to see if there are any of my comments there. If so, it would be nice if you could please mark them as not spam and approve them (or delete them, as you wish).

Many thanks in advance.

We now return you to your regular programming!



24 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement…

  1. I got a really weird comment earlier this week which was obviously spam because it was full of strange symbols, but it’d got through – whereas a normal comment the previous week had gone into spam. It does seem to be being moody ATM!

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  2. When you left a comment the other day, I thought it went into spam because I had been away for so long, not because of you. I should have said something then. Glad you were made aware of it. I wonder why it happened, though…

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  3. Ugh, I’ve had this problem a few times, too. The last time WordPress had a huge ‘hate InvisiblyMe’ phase 99% of my comments went to spam folders, I emailed Akismet and they resolved the issue eventually, but there are still the occasional ones that get marked up. I hope Akismet sort it out for you soon! x

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  4. How annoying. There has been some general problems with Akismet on self-hosted blogs, but if you have this issue on all the pages you comment on, I guess this is different.

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