The Journey Begins Again


In the beginning, I started a blog on Blogger. Now, after over five years on Blogger, and after having my URL from that site marked as “spam” by Facebook and against their “Community Standards,” I’ve decided it is time to put out the cash and start my own website for my blog.

So… Here goes nothing!

11 thoughts on “The Journey Begins Again

  1. Glad you moved to WordPress Davida. I maintained a “Blogger” blog for my in-person bookclub. The spam became overwhelming and I finally called it quits. I’ve had much better luck with WordPress as Aksimet seems to take care of the spam before I even see it.

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    1. I hear you – REALLY! Google/Blogspot doesn’t seem to care about spam comments, and although I reported some of them, they never removed any of them. Plus, if I look at my blogger site, the traffic sources are all from XXX porn sites! Now, if WP would just stop bugging me about the new editor (which I HATE)!

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  2. OOoh I was right! You were on blogger!!

    I am so very sorry to hear this news Davida, but in some ways, I’m thrilled to bits!! I have visited your blog in the past and always felt bad I couldn’t leave you comments!! 😦 I used to use OpenID for blogger blogs – until earlier this year when a blogger I used to visit and then returnt to visiting regularly clued me into the fact OpenID hasn’t been used in more than a year!! I created my landing page (linked to my Twitter Profile) strictly for that reason – so I could leave commentary on blogs, but the past few years have been a bit rough personally, so I was absent from visitations / commenting – came to realise that unless a blogger lets anon/url/name comments go through I was no longer able to comment on blogger blogs!! 😦 Talk about a depressing bit of news?!

    Now my landing page strictly serves as an ‘info page’ about who I am – the girl behind the tweets – which is also okay – but gosh! I can’t believe OpenID is just :gone:

    Long / short – I’m blessed your a WP blogger now!!! I can spend the whole New Year getting the chance to leave you notes & talk about the books we are mutually loving to read/discover!! What could be a sweeter surprise for Christmas & New Year’s than that!?!?

    I’m celebrating your new blog and being able to communicate with you directly now!!!!

    IF anything you know you had a secret appreciator and blog reader!!

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    1. I know all about that problem with Blogger. I added a FB comments section, but it didn’t help. I’m so glad you’ll be able to comment on my blog posts now. I love getting comments! Wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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      1. FB comments never work for me because I elected to be on Twitter not Facebook!! lol Similarly to why I’m on LibraryThing not GoodReads!! I think it will be lovely now that we can interact directly and watch which stories we’re both appreciating together. I love comments too – I don’t always receive them, so each one is cherished.

        Merriest of greetings for Christmas & many blessings this New Year to you too!

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